Outpatient Treatment

 Outpatient Treatment

Our hospital provide out-patient services including

  • Emergency services
  • Day procedures
  • Diagnostic and Assessment services

Emergency services:

Dept. of Emergency Trauma Care has been catering to various medical emergencies by appropriate Triaging, resuscitation, and stabilization followed by suitable investigations. Besides, the department is fully equipped to carry out any procedures. Round the clock ambulance service is available to transport critical patients.

Day procedures:

Services provided in this area include minor surgery performed under local anesthesia or conscious sedation, invasive diagnostic and/or treatment procedures, endoscopic procedures, urodynamic and motility studies, chronic pain management treatment, and the recovery of patients who have had a procedure performed in another hospital area.

Diagnostic and Assessment services:

We have a well equipped clinical laboratory with all modern equipment to carry out all routine investigations as well as special tests. We have sophisticated state of art, multi-application, high-resolution ultrasound machine which is used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Our Hospitals also support various community-based programs to prevent or reduce the need for hospitalization.