In & OUT patient services

In-patient includes the services Below

Medical services

Our Hospital Providing Care To The People Who Are Sick Or Badly Hurt And Need Help Right Away. Our Medical Service Use Specially Trained People And Specially Equipped Facilities To Satisfy The Patient Needs.

Surgical services

Our Hospital Can Help You Track And Manage The Flow Of Surgical Patients And Resources To Reduce Delays, Enhance Care, And Open Up Capacity For More Cases. Our Medical Staffs Are Highly Educated And Continue To Increase Their Training Daily On The Latest Surgical Techniques And Procedures.

Pediatric services

In Our Hospital, We Understand The Fear And Apprehension Of Young Patients, And Their Parents Face During Hospitalization. We Work With Physicians And Parents To Provide A Safe, Home-Like Atmosphere To Comfort Children And Families. Our Pediatricians Brings You A Wide Range Of Hands-On Services, Customized To Meet Your Child’s Needs.

Obstetric services

An Obstetrician Is A Specialist Doctor Who Cares For Pregnant Women. In Most Circumstances, An Obstetrician Will Look After Women During Pregnancy And Delivery. They Specialize In Dealing With Any Problems That May Occur During The Pregnancy Or Delivery And In The Immediate Few Weeks After Delivery. Our Hospital Provides A Safe, Comfortable Delivery For You And Excellent Care For Your New Baby From Birth On.Our Hospitals Also Provide Mental Health Services.

Outpatient Treatment

Our hospital provide out-patient services including

Emergency services

Dept. Emergency Trauma Care Has Been Catering To Various Medical Emergencies By Appropriate Triaging, Resuscitation, And Stabilization, Followed By Suitable Investigations. Besides, The Department Is Fully Equipped To Carry Out Any Procedures. In addition, round The Clock Ambulance Service Is Available To Transport Critical Patients

Day procedures

Services provided in this area include minor surgery performed under local anesthesia or conscious sedation, invasive diagnostic and/or treatment procedures, endoscopic procedures, urodynamic and motility studies, chronic pain management treatment, and the recovery of patients who have had a procedure performed in another hospital area.

Diagnostic and Assessment services

Diagnostic and assessment services are carried out by psychologists in order to investigate an individual's psychological health, provide feedback and guidance on how to improve it, and diagnose a disorder or condition if relevant. These services are provided in a variety of contexts, such as educational institutions, businesses, governmental agencies (such as prisons or the military), or the private sector. They can be used to determine a potential employee's fitness for work and to ensure that the individual is able to fulfil his or her job requirements.


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